Lightweight School Information System

  • Web based fully featured School Information System
  • Modular and Extensive Functionality
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Teacher portal
  • Student portal
  • Parent portal
  • Compatible with any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Compatible with any kind of device (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone)

Intuitive Directory Module

A flexible system of custom fields lets you specify exactly what data needs to be recorded for your school.

  • List of families with family and family members’ profiles
  • Students Profiles integrated into family containers
  • All in one Student Profile
    • General, tuition, previous school info
    • Document upload and schedule info and free period setup
    • Lesson/Course section assignment with report card forms and section reporting period exclusion setup
    • Gradebook with assignments, report cards, transcripts
    • Medical profile, discipline and academic concern module
  • Quick search
  • Employee management with family connection
    • All in one Employee Profile
    • Schedule info for teaching staff
    • Course lesson / section easy assignment
    • Gradebook and student assignments
    • Easy Reporting and bulk action export tools
    • Additional quick view for the Students and Employees with quick filter / selection and statistic options

Course Setup and Scheduling Modules

Based on the IBO and American Diploma Standards


  • Easy lessons / course section setup with bulk student assign feature
  • Easy Scheduling Process, with optional XML third party app import

Attendance Module

Attendance Module with intuitive reporting tools.


  • Saving time on taking attendance
  • Simple tracking tardies and absences
  • Pull up attendance lists with a simple search to see records from past days, weeks, months…

Report Card Module

Customizable Report Card Templates and Settings connected with SchoolIS Learning Management System (Gradebook module)

  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Support various standards
  • Report Cards available in downloadable PDF format for Parents and Students

Communication Module

Flexible - Communication Module based on the various database queries and course section selections. Efficient - The communication tools are available across all modules.

  • Bulk Email Messages
  • SMS / GSM Text Messages
  • Newsletter
  • Directory

Admission Module/Portal (coming soon)

A flexible system of custom fields lets you specify exactly what data needs to be recorded for your school.

  • Streamline your processes from initial inquiry through enrollment
  • Paperless
  • Dynamic interface
  • Custom web forms that allow parent submitted data to flow directly into the database
  • Improve communication with families

The Teacher Portal

Attendance module allows faculty to take daily and class attendance.

  • Student roster (by sections)
  • Schedule
  • GradeBook and Report Card modules (LMS)
  • Communication features for contacting parents and students
  • Integration options for external web ­based content

The Parent Portal

Family demographic and contact info.


  • Student Schedule, GradeBook and Report Card Access
  • School­ to ­Parent communication Archive
  • Weekly newsletter portal
  • Integration options for external web ­based content

The Student Portal

  • Schedule
  • GradeBook
  • List of assignments with options to upload homework
  • See upcoming tests, assignments and activities
  • View day-to-day results, attendance, and grades
  • Integration options for external web ­based content

GradeBook Module

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Easy inputs
  • Weighted Assignments
  • Automatically update Student achievement in real time
  • Flexible grading with percentage or points
  • Upload handouts and collect homework from students online
  • Grades Online for students and parents with teacher comments
  • Tech support based on Central European time zone regular working hours
  • Personalized attentive support
  • Training options
  • SLA response time
  • SLA resolution time

System provide support for easy integration with local LDAP/Active Directory, G Suite application (Google) or bulletin system for authentication and management of groups and privileges.

  • Management of groups and privileges trough AD, or G Suite or Internal user database
  • LDAP /Active Directory authentication
  • Authentication by G Suite account
  • Authentication using internal user database

Both onsite and offsite hosting models are supported

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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