SchoolIS is a Web-based, fully integrated School Information System solution for International and private schools, PreK - Grade 12.




Lightweight School Information System

  • Web based fully featured School Information System
  • Modular and Extensive Functionality
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Teacher portal
  • Student portal
  • Parent portal
  • Compatible with any OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Compatible with any kind of device (PC, Tablet, SmartPhone)

Our Clients

Erik Lutley

Secondary School Principal
International School Krakow

For a small school, Schoolis has been a great addition to our institution, allowing us to have student information, attendance and reporting in one place. In addition, Schoolis' highly responsive customer service is second to none. It's great to know that help is only an email or Skype call away.

Aloha Lavina

Upper School Principal
American International School of Zagreb

The idea of a tailored school information system is exciting. Schoolis has the potential to be a school information system tailored for a school. At AISZ, we have used it for about 18 months and it is useful in the principal's office for locating people and looking up information about students, like schedules and profile information.

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